Friday, December 5, 2008

Surfs Up

I've been traveling the Atlantic lately. ...In spirit, anyway. And, while journeying, I've been trying out some new forms of poetry. The first is a Villanelle.

Soul of the Sea

Oh ardent aria for the soul of the sea
When operatic coral awaken under an argent moon
Bear an azure sanctuary for me

Sympathetic waves lave from Charon’s ferry
Ungodliness into the tidal hands of Neptune
Oh ardent aria for the soul of the sea

Dissolving error through a rippled melody
Drifts of celestial glitter’s serous rune
Bear an azure sanctuary for me

Kraken, Leviathan form fondness for me
Where edenic reefs are hewn
Oh ardent aria for the soul of the sea

Their luminosity wanes in the Atlantis of anemone
Misty chants that wisp ere shadowed dune
Bear an azure sanctuary for me

Oh that starry fluidity would serenade soon
My ashes to ebb and emancipate my boon
Oh ardent aria for the soul of the sea
Bear an azure sanctuary for me

From Vatnajokull To Sargasso

Icelandic groans of spectral profound
Ripple forth from frozen wombs
Augural creaks ominously resound
What veiled chants Vatnajokull assumes

Squiggling chimera within frothy blooms
Traversing rampart currents to where
Sargasso lichen cover sunken tombs
Crumbling reflections exhale arctic air

We’ve journeyed to where reveries dare
To tranquilize sonorous seas
We find therein knotted waters ensnare
Unattended growth the stillness seize

Swaying headstones in a liquid breeze
Lingering fingers are sifting through
Gardens of silt laden memories
Where foam apparitions stew

In mid Atlantic we rendezvous
With glacial hymns and salty wine
Hawser meshes of the afternoon
Swimming through placid brine

This last one is a Virelay. They're both dedicated to Paul, my travel companion who lives on the opposite side of the Atlantic. We meet half way ;]


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the dedication, Lori.

I'll be singing these poetical songs on my next Atlantic crossing.

Paul, 'su compañero de viaje.'

bluerose9062 said...

!Gracias mi amigo que soña despierto!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Cool poems and art! Very interesting. I've never tried a villanelle! I suppose I should. I recently wrote a ghazal, and have done a number of those in the past. But no villanelle. You're courageous to tackle that!!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The second one really looks like a painting!

Have you tried artrage? It's $25 for the complete program or a free trial version--and worth it, I think. (If you can spare the $25).

bluerose9062 said...

Thanks Mary! It's my first Villanelle. I had to google ghazal. Looks like fun. I'll have to try that next. I'd love to read some of yours. Maybe when you get a chance, you could send me a link.

I've not tried artrage, yet. To be honest, I'm afraid to download anything else onto my computer, and I barely have enough ram to run photoshop. I have downloaded gimp [free]. It has animating capabilities [limited, though]. My computer struggles with some of it's functions. I think I'm better off saving the $25 for a new computer.