Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anthropological Ball

When we can get past seeing ourselves as victims, then we can release the anger and discover our true identity.

anthropological ball

marching absurdities
scatter in patterned formations
diverging from a Dali painting
in undulating spirals
summoning –
Come inside
Come inside

ancient carney clown-faced beasts
hail the puppeteers
mummies on strings
in a sarcophagus strewn tent
chanting –
See the show
See the show

Inspired by this song, and is a continuation of the poem, 'Nature of Identity'.


Sue said...

Oh my.

Where do you get the words images feelings and thoughts - they just pour out of your writing

oh yeah, trick is not to think of yourself as a victim cause you ain't

I have some new ones I have to post also but they don't compare to this

bluerose said...

you are so encouraging to me, Sue!!! thanks so much!

bluerose said...

can't wait to read yours :D