Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brain Rash

apocalyptic apparitions rain like ash
on an otherwise clear day
mushrooming delusional brain rash
keeps contentment at bay

boredom rolls in
befogging a creative high
sacrifices begin
mediocrity must die!

clarity becomes a blue sky illusion
passing clouds irritate
scourging syndrome cycles toward confusion
when aversions animate

darkening doom
locks me in a room
imagined tomb
infectious fume
that consumes

emptiness rolls in
befogging a creative high
medications begin
numbing desires to fly

extremes too surreal
what do I really feel?
driven to zeal
strained and concealed
only haziness heals
when you’re…
locked in a room
imagined tomb
with infectious fumes
that consume

This poem is for my stepson, who's going through a tough time. He's a poet, and is into rap music.


sue said...

came out well :D
put up the subscribe by e mail - apparently blogger has it now - too tired to write - am off to bed

bluerose said...

yea! sleep well :]

sue said...

not notified of comments though - oh well - I usually try emphasis on try - to check in here regularly

bluerose said...

your efforts are very much appreciated! :D

since I have gmail, I have the option of getting comments e-mailed to me. gmail and blogger are both google products. I think I can get that option on your blog, too, but I go there often enough that I haven't used it.