Monday, August 15, 2011

Ice Water River

my foot knows where to go
though I’ve forgotten
alighting each step
with precision

like a grasshopper
descending the embankment
leaving roots undisturbed
and sand in its place

grade steepens and
steps turn to leaps
building momentum
yet retaining agility

I marvel – after
months of heavy heat
from a parched withered land
such a light footed find

Ice Water River from below
they say too cold to swim
but I’ll just wade
and find relief from the Drought


SolariC said...

I really like this poem. It interprets well both on a literal lever (finding a river in a drought), and on a more 'spiritual' level, since that drought could be artistic. I like the thought of our sure-footed feet, or skills, carrying us out of a period of drought to a deep river of inspiration.

bluerose said...

Thanks SolariC! you're very perceptive. yes, to me, water (like rivers)seems very symbolic of spiritualality.