Friday, January 9, 2009

Hippy Geometry

Hospice Engineering

Step into quadrilaterals
Stand and pivot for transfer
Train track keys of a player piano
Strike chords with apathy
Reverberate on rails of life and death
Geometric notes
Measured begrudgingly
Side by side into the next depot
Dirge of a run-away-train whistle

Step onto meshed polygons jumbled
Indifferent symmetry spirals within
Lounge car player piano
I’ve become an inconvenience
No scheduled destination
Black and white parallelograms
Depress and release
Clack-clack tracks below

Stand and pivot or
Remain confined to this berth
Parallel rails don’t reconcile

Linda Perhacs' Parallelograms
Paul called this "Hippy Geometry". LOL, I love it! Thanks for sending it to me, Paul.


Anonymous said...

I hear the clack-clack of the Klick-Kat in my head.

I can see from your illo that you've been playing with the fabric of the universe...!*@@*!

Pardon me if it's a sin, but
Can I see dribble on your chin.
It looks like a job for
Hospice Engineering. LOL;`)

I'm off to unravel a pullover. I've enjoyed your Hippy Geometry very much.

x Paul

bluerose said...


Klick-clack, klick-clack
no turning back
fabric unravels
Parallelogram Travels

[the last dot is dribble]

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Great art and poetry. I can't check out the video on this computer, I'll have to wait until I'm on another.