Friday, February 27, 2009

Rants and Vents

laying in a bed of piss

cradle of birth
dried up
prolapsed -
once nurtured
topiary progeny
now lays in a
bed of piss

fruited heirs
drop buds of blame
divesting their guilt
“She did this to herself”
angry at her for
being angry at them


how many times
will you be cured?!
do you really think
I’m that stupid?
how many excuses
repeated time and again?
do you really think
I’ll come running?

you’re so much holier than me
God has chosen you
above all the sick and dying
healed, yet
you can not control the voices

you can not keep a job
you alienate those who care
do you really think
I’d believe you’ve been blessed?!

I Can Choose Not To Listen

“Thank you Jesus, for healing me”
He cries out
Wanting more pain meds
Refuses to take his psychotic meds
Doesn’t care how the hospital bill gets paid

“Just be strong and take care of things”
Clueless fatherly advice
Running thousands of miles away, so
He won’t see the mess he’s left
Thinks he can buy respect

Two generations of
Self righteous rhetoric
Spat out
Condescending benevolence for
Their own benefit

At my expense


Ashok said...

Sorry for what you're going through - keepin fingers crossed you'll be ok.

Thank you for posting.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very well written and strong, scary and upsetting.

Hope thing around you and inside you all improve!

More later I hope (maybe not later today but hopefully SOON>!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

cool colors in the ART! WOW!

Anonymous said...


F*king amazing!


bluerose said...

Thanks Mary and Ashok! I still have more to work out before I can get through this storm. Thanks for your support :D

Klick-Kat, my friend, so good to hear from you again! Sorry I've been absent lately.

---Michael--- said...

I've been a source of confusion and frustration to other people in my life, I realize, but at the same time, while THAT was going on, the view from the other end of the binoculars, MY end, was that nobody had sense enough to come in out of the rain but me, yet people demanded I STAY out in that rain because I DESERVED to get rained on... being bipolar is not very much fun at all at such moments..

---Michael--- said...

I think God provides challenges for those of us he cares most about, in order that we get tougher in our faith that everything will pan out. Oh, yes, I think what we do means a lot to Him, but I don't think He'd ever push us into poisoned water to get us to do what He wants. I think He wants us to want Him, that's the major thing.

Moineau En France said...

whoa. have just read a short mile of your poems, rose, and i am flattened and humbled by the depth of your poetic sensibility, your pain and your survival. not only a gifted photographer but a gifted writer. i will remember to thank mary for sending you my way!

i'm on my way home to oregon after a three-month "sabbatical" in france. so much to do in two days to get ready! i will read more when i am home. an easy promise.

love. xoxoxoxoox