Saturday, January 15, 2011

Light You Up

photo found on the web

freedom and fame programmed at birth
taught to desire, but not self worth
put down for buckling under the heat
“suck it up, it gets tough on the street”

spark of anger ignites a flame
drawing desire to a mesmerizing game
to stand apart from the common mire
to fit in with the trendy hot fire

forging a world where losers are cool
idols imprisoned for breaking the rules
heroes demanding, lewd, and crude
success is loud arrogance with a ‘tude

heat of the fire brings life to a void
perishable warmth flares up annoyed
how long will it last before feeling the burn
numb propaganda bombards every turn

hey sister, look at your duplicity
equal “party” rights say “humiliate me”
do you really believe you can piss on a wall
light up so you can see how far you can fall

I really loved this poem by Laura Tattoo on Moineau en France.


Moineau En France said...

wow, arrived at your site, read your great poem and then saw a link to my own! very cool saturday afternoon in rainy ol' oregon. thank you so much; that poem meant a lot to me. lots of love - will read more! ~lt xoxoxooxoxox

Sue said...

talented lady - are you from myspace originally ? I looked through some of your earlier work too - magnificent

bluerose said...

Thanks Laura! It's a great poem, and inspired me. A few years back, there was this song by the Blackeye Peas called My Humps, that really irritated me, like the way Lady Gaga does you. I especially liked how you said, "This is not a call for sensorship, but a call for reason"! Glad I could brighten your rainy day.

Thanks Sue! I started blogging here at blogger first. Everything posted at myspace was posted here first and then copied and pasted there, because blogger will upload pictures for me. Myspace won't. With myspace and boomersplace you have to find a photo hosting site like photobucket or webshots first, and then copy and paste your pics links into your blog. Does wordpress upload pics for you?