Friday, July 8, 2011

Windows for Drips of Ink

I miss my home. All these pics were taken from my window there.

My computer desk sat just inside looking out over my gardens.

My window was so much more entertaining than any TV.

This little guy and I had a wonderful arrangement. He really loved a certain weed with little yellow flowers, which I let grow in my gardens, and in return, he didn't eat any of my other flowers.

Such a serious little fellow.


Caught with the evidence still on his beak.

Someone's hungry.

Is that a look of guilt?

This little guy would get angry at his reflection... every day!

Well, he's certainly well fed.

And, when they're done eating...


sue said...

ok so I just saw this now -
what was the pic for drips?? All your pics are so fantastic - do you have a real good close up lens? The birds are precisous. and the captions! what a hoot
you made me smile - thank you

bluerose said...

the theme this week was "windows".

no, my zoom isn't that great, but I did use the zoom on most of these shots. all the birds and the rabbit were just outside my window on my patio, and I used my zoom for those shots. The frogs, lizard, and angry bird shots didn't need a zoom. I would keep my camera on my desk all the time, so I'd always be ready for them. They got used to me being there behind the glass and didn't seem to mind me. I miss having a place to do that.

Thanks! I'm glad they made you smile :D

sue said...

gather those in another house
I sent yu a huge file of pics today - did you get it
I have a terrible problem with devil which I am trying to fix