Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've Been In La La Land Lately...

...and haven't been doing much blogging. It seems I've been in the mood for drawing mythological beings instead.

This is a color pencil sketch for a project that I'm working on for a friend. I call him Thor, but he seems to be dressed for a warmer climate, like maybe Greece. Could be because of the 100 degree weather we've been having lately.

I made this one with different colored ball point pens. She was originally just an outline I made for this piece of digital art from several years ago.

The weather we've been having has been wreaking havok on my mood lately. We're six months into a drought right now. I've been trying to save my gardens, but may end out loosing a tree. I've been known to cry when a tree dies, and there are dead trees everywhere I go. These little beauties help lift my spirits when I go out to water.

I like to imagine that little faeries danced on the top of this one and left a trail of their steps.

And, the Faerie Princess left her crown on this one.

But, then I wake to sad dreams in the morning. This morning the dream was about a dog that I had abandoned and then died before I could get back to it. It made me think about a real dog that I used to have years ago, whose death was surrounded by mysterious circumstances. So, I wrote this poem.

Taken to the Woods

taken to the woods
by a friendly face
did she wonder
why he was with her
instead of me?

visit to her favorite place
ends abruptly with a
bullet in her brain
I failed her again

old and sickly
I left her vulnerable
was it a mercy killing?
look of horror on his face
when I mention that
she was getting better

extra effort required
isn’t given when needed most
another piece of me is gone
and the cycle continues

he leads me astray
but I follow willingly
into the woods
looking for peacefulness
because it’s just easier
he thinks he’s doing me a favor

This last one was written the other morning.

My Conscience is so Much Crueler

while my subconscious
whispers to me in my sleep
like a compassionate lover
“you underestimate yourself”
“feel unworthy of giving encouragement”

my conscience becomes enraged
lies in wait for me to wake
to scold with a harsh voice
like an angry father
humiliates and rejects me
until there is no more desire to wake

Well um... I think I'll go back to my mythological world now.


sue said...

If you put the e mail subscription thing on I’d know when you do a new blog - just saying...

I absolutely love the mermaid - she’s perfect

remember the big bush in front of my house? That got all squished from the snow. It’s dead and gone now. Will get new bushes for the spot

The colours of your flowers are wonderful - my fav colours

You still miss your dog... I never had one

interesting poem ...

I didn’t get enough sleep last night and was cranky all day

bluerose said...

thanks Sue!

The site feed is enabled. If you go all the way to the bottom of the blog there's a link that says "Subscribe to: Posts", that you can click on. That should let you know when I post a new blog.

At the bottom of each individual post [when opened to it's own web page] it will say "Subscribe to comments". That will send you all the comments made for that post.

I don't if you realize that you have an "OpenID" through Word Press that is recognized by Blogger. If, when you leave a comment, you click on "OpenID" under "Choose an identity" and then click on the Word Press icon, that will link back to your blog.

IM me if this doesn't make sense.

Hope you're feeling better. Looking forward to seeing pics of your garden.