Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Wings Challenge 1 - Contribute a Verse

This is for the Wings 4 You Coaching challenge by Carla. It's a blog with weekly challenges designed for self improvement. You can find the first challenge here. Here are my verses:

In the past, I was the wasp
Crawling across the window pane for 3 days,
Painstakingly searching every square inch for a way out,
Stopping momentarily for a ritualistic rubbing of my legs,
Like a dance of self destruction,
When there's an open door just around the corner,
Foolishly threatening to sting
Anyone who tries to shoo me toward it.

In the mirror, I am a Cypress Tree,
Lofty and strong
With outstretched branches that support Spanish moss,
And provide shade and comfort for woodland creatures below,
But whose roots are shallow,
And "knee" deep in mud and decaying matter,
Reaching up for air
Or rain when the bog dries up.

In my dreams, I am a shark,
Docile, curious, and even playful,
Because I have no need for aggression,
But I'm not without power, not ineffectual,
With golden braids, too many to count,
Thick, even to the long flowing ends,
Plaited precisely
To prevent tangling in the ocean's currents.

In my fears, I am the missing sock,
Stained brown with dirt,
Bereft of purpose and incomplete,
Doomed to spend an eternity
Of boredom, with lint,
Tangled in cobwebs of hopelessness
Behind the nursing home's clothes dryer,
Where my coherent memory has been carelessly cast.

In my stories, I'm a Monarch butterfly,
Metamorphosing, emerging, and
Finally finding glorious wings,
Pumping life into them in the warmth of the sunlight,
While still vulnerable to prey,
Then taking flight to far away adventures,
Finding my way intuitively to fields of foreign flowers,
Then embarking on a spiritual path home to complete the cycle.


Ario said...

I do love this poem, it really rolls and has some terrific imagery. Are you going to post more?


yuko said...

Wow---people are all so unique and we are oh so different, yet are so much alike in very important ways (and your poem shows that to me ;^)

I added you to the "link" section of my blog. Hope yu don't mind!

bluerose9062 said...

Thanks Ario! I'm working on some artwork right now, but I'm sure there will be more.

Yuko, it fascinates me how we can sometimes feel so different and strange, only to find out there are many others just like us.

I'd be honored to be added to your link list. I'll be adding you and Ario to mine, too.