Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wires and Clouds

Yuko's post about power lines compared them to chaotic thoughts and desires. How fitting then, that they are up in the clouds. I've always felt that they detracted from the natural beauty of the landscape, so too with our chaotic thoughts and desires that detract from our own natural beauty. Man's clumsy attempt at improving civilization and himself. Lofty ideas strung up high over our heads meant to simplify our lives, but in the end complicate things. My head's been feeling like some of these pictures the past week. There's a beautiful sky in there somewhere, but every thing's so complicated that I can't think straight.

Houston rush hour traffic, and incriminating evidence of my unsafe driving practices.

Stuck behind "Joe Bob's" construction services while passing cow pastures on my way home.

Yes, I can see the light has turned green. Stop honking!... Some people just don't know how to appreciate these things. This photo is the one that probably most suits my mood right now. Just a little light getting through.

These are the rail road tracks I cross before entering the subdivision where I live.

This was taken right after a hurricane, when we were without power for about 4 days.

Same place as above, different time.

Power lines in Mexico.

Closer view.

No wires up in the clouds in this one, but I thought it was appropriately ironic for a busy tourist town who's main source of income is from people who are trying to escape reality for a week or so. Mazatlan, Mexico.


yuko said...

I had fun viewing your wire/sky pics!
i especially love the "post hurricane" one....and the power tower (don't know how to call it...) in mexico that resembles cactus!

bluerose9062 said...

LOL, it does look like a cactus, doesn't it. Thanks for stopping by.